13. okt, 2020











Not being strong
the man,
but humility.

With all the respect
for nature 



3. jan, 2020












Stand up
Be a flower
With a nice look

And listen
Listen to all voicesses
All sounds of life

And breath
Breath earth 
Breath too the whole fucking earth


©️ Rudolf

5. dec, 2018











as a warm south wind
as a sky shining blue and clear
also when the autumn
even the winter is near

with you side by side
sailing every day
straight into the night
near the sleeping mountains high



© Rudolf

23. nov, 2018










I only want to break
The bed
Never your heart

So tell me
Where your bed lives
To break it

Than I will be
In love
Your beast


© Rudolf 

13. okt, 2018








here we stand blossoming purely
far from a churning people’s race
here’s no human messiness
no constantly blabbing failure-crop
here we stand utterly on our own
in our world for ever firm
here our seeds blow apart
blanketed white and waterproof


© Rudolf