21. sep, 2021

as long you are
I shall not find the right words

not have hands
and colors enough

to write and paint
the most beautiful things

I see in you
my love

©️ Rudolf

16. apr, 2021


who I truly love
I never walk away

I will be
every day

even unseen

always near
my soul and heart

truly in love
very dear


©️ Rudolf

13. okt, 2020











Not being strong
the man,
but humility.

With all the respect
for nature 



3. jan, 2020












Stand up
Be a flower
With a nice look

And listen
Listen to all voicesses
All sounds of life

And breath
Breath earth 
Breath too the whole fucking earth


©️ Rudolf

5. dec, 2018











as a warm south wind
as a sky shining blue and clear
also when the autumn
even the winter is near

with you side by side
sailing every day
straight into the night
near the sleeping mountains high



© Rudolf