English poems

28. jan, 2018


















With you
I will do like all nights,
looking to the flickering lights.

I will look deeply
in your eyes, your soul,
be within.

Under the wings
of glowing butterflies
in the sky.

in our arms,
loving the far far stars.



© Rudolf

25. dec, 2017
7. dec, 2017
















at a nice place
in the middle
between your head
and your soul

I'll always
be and waiting

I like you
you are the best

until you could
believing it in your
own heart too 



© Rudolf 

16. sep, 2017








no white 
none of yellow
even no red one
will ever be
beautifull enough
for you 



© Rudolf 

26. aug, 2017













watch the colors high
into the sky

it fills man
with lots of joy

then this evening lies
quietly dreaming

in the fire
of our sinking sun

with lots of swarming

near the coast



© Rudolf