English poems

24. mrt, 2018















a little happy
are whispering

all things

near is
a new spring

and I ask you

will you appear
in summer dress

for me?



© Rudolf

28. jan, 2018


















With you
I will do like all nights,
looking to the flickering lights.

I will look deeply
in your eyes, your soul,
be within.

Under the wings
of glowing butterflies
in the sky.

in our arms,
loving the far far stars.



© Rudolf

25. dec, 2017
7. dec, 2017
















at a nice place
in the middle
between your head
and your soul

I'll always
be and waiting

I like you
you are the best

until you could
believing it in your
own heart too 



© Rudolf 

16. sep, 2017








no white 
none of yellow
even no red one
will ever be
beautifull enough
for you 



© Rudolf